Personal revenge

It has occurred to me that Donald Trump’s successful bid for the White House has everything to do with revenge. How dare anyone, including Barack Obama, humiliate him. There would be payback using the biggest show on earth— the presidency of the United States.

Trump with his tweets and appointments has demonstrated that the entire Obama record will be erased, from the environment and health care to labor protections and international cooperation.

And who is to stop him? Surely not the Democrats, who are busy chasing their collective tail. Republicans fell in line as soon as they realized that their conservative agenda could quickly and easily become reality, with no threat of a presidential veto.

In the 1980s I foolishly believed that a Reagan presidency would force people to see what a mistake they had made in choosing the former Hollywood celebrity. Has it happened, the people couldn’t get enough of the former actor. To so they re-elected him in a landslide.

I fear that we’re in for a repeat, albeit far worse.