Slashing open the belly

Less than a month from now we’ll know who will be our next president. Until recently, the contest was close, with Trump polling at or near Clinton. As I write, however, Clinton has built a nearly double-digit margin in most polls, with the New York Times‘s Upshot section giving her an 89-percent chance of prevailing on November 8.

Perhaps the most interesting dynamic is the turmoil affecting the Republican Party. Many of its established members have either never supported Trump or have withdrawn their support, especially after the release of the raunchy “Access Hollywood” tape, in which Trump merely reminded us of his character, long drowned in the dirty toilet of your choosing.

But what’s a Republican to do? Trump is, after all, your party’s nominee, having trounced his many primary opponents. You’re stuck with him and the stark revelation that the party’s base is composed of “deplorables”: racists, misogynists, xenophobes, homophobes, and otherwise nasty human beings. No pretending now. No more circumlocutions. Coded language got trounced by a blathering narcissist with the temperament of a three-year-old. In slashing open the belly of the Republican beast, Trump has licensed explicit bullying and worse by his deranged followers.

Yes, Republican, these are your people and always have been. You can thank The Donald for shoving a mirror in your face.