Counterproductive ranting

Many of us would admit to denigrating “the enemy,” the people who hold views and exhibit behaviors antithetical to our own. For liberals, that would be conservatives—and vice versa. For the sane, that would be the insane. And so on. In my case, I rail against right wingers who, research tells us, possess scant command of facts and figures, choosing instead to fashion their own convenient narratives, oblivious to logic and truth.

But guess what? Despite the constant self-exposure of idiocy, their ilk is in ascendance. They get themselves elected by their own kind.

Perhaps drawing attention to the lunacy, which is ubiquitous and obvious, only encourages more of the same. Piling on may be counterproductive.

Why not instead act in ignorance of the crazies? Put forth a coherent worldview supported by data and analysis premised on the attitudes expressed in the Constitution’s Preamble, for example, or, if you prefer, the Sermon on the Mount.

We’ll see if I’m up to the task.